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Bad Credit Home Loan | Cincinnati Mortgage Broker

Can I Buy A House With Bad Credit In Cincinnati? So, what do you do if your credit report is not what it used to be? Relax, you can turn your credit ratings around and get a home loan with bad credit in Cincinnati with the help of McKinley Mortgage. Mortgage lenders look at the “age,” dollar amount, and payment …

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McKinley Mortgage Closing Checklist

McKinley Mortgage Closing Checklist While we’re working on approving your home loan application, there are a few important steps you need to take to make sure your home is in good condition and sufficiently insured. Here’s what to expect from the last few steps before closing on your home. Protect Your Home Investment In addition to getting your home inspection, …

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4 Tips To Close A Home Loan Quick

Best 4 Tips To Close A Home Loan Quick Real estate closings can be fraught with complications and setbacks, but they can go smoothly and quickly — if planned for carefully. Here are our 4 tips to close your home loan quick in Cincinnati! • Get conditional approval before making the offer. Getting pre-approved for a home loan in Cincinnati will …

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Get A Home Loan In Cincinnati

Easy Way To Get A Home Loan In Cincinnati     Getting a home loan in Cincinnati has never been easier at McKinley Mortgage. Over the last twenty years McKinley Mortgage has closed thousands of loans for people in the Cincinnati area just like you. Our team of experienced mortgage professionals will help you navigate the complicated loan process. WE …

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Cincinnati Home Financing Options

100% Home Loan Financing In Cincinnati

How To Get USDA 100% Home Loan Financing in Cincinnati If you’ve never heard of the USDA loan program, you’re not alone. It’s a specialized product in the U.S. and Cincinnati housing market, and most mortgage lenders don’t offer them. However, McKinley Mortgage does offer USDA loan programs where you can get a 0 down home loan. The program’s full name …

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