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–Bill Cunningham

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McKinley Mortgage was founded in 1997 as the vision of its owner Paul V. Luck III. The company is located in Blue Ash, Ohio and is named after the late President McKinley.

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      • 3.75%

        FHA 30 YEAR
        4.399 APR

        • 4.00%

          30 YEAR FIXED
          4.21 APR

          • 3.75%

            10 YEAR FIXED
            3.39 APR

    Rates current as of May 1, 2017                                                                                                    *FHA LOANS NOW AVAILABLE

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Remembering that competition is typically better for the consumer, I realized now why larger banks are trying to make things difficult for smaller, independent brokerage firms-To remove the competition. It is appalling to think that the fees I might have paid could have been used to squeeze out the competition and most importantly, end up costing me more money. Thank you.
–Matthew G.


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